Monday, 7 November 2011

 Scented Leaf Pelargonium
often referred to as
'Scented Geraniums'
a brief introduction to this fascinating and unique group of plants

As soon as the 'geranium' is mentioned we have heard many people say, 'that is the plant with the awful smell but pretty flowers'.  They are definitely not referring to Scented Geraniums. The use in public gardens, in particular, of mass planted uniformly sized zonal pelargonium displays (often red, pink and white flowered in colour) has projected the incorrect belief that there is only this type of 'geranium'.  Indeed, this type of pelargonium is a useful and colourful hybrid addition to any summer garden planting scheme as they are easy to care for, tolerate most weather conditions and do continue to flower over many months.  However, when the Scented Leaf Pelargonium group is discovered it makes the zonals pale in to insignificance.

View our YouTube Video of
Lady Scarborough
ripe strawberry scent/aroma

There are several different groups of pelargonium (geraniums), some categories have sub-groups within them, and they are as follows: 

As the name implies all of the types within this group have perfumed foliage and all types are classified as herbs.  It is the leaves that contain the scent/aroma and the flowers actually possess very little perfume.  The most popular types would be the pretty smelling ones although there are others that have a 'woodsy' scent.  Unlike the other pelargonium groups there isn't a standard uniform type and each and every one has its own unique characteristics.  Coupled with the most amazing of natural scents/aromas it is the non-standardisation in plant form, which totally grips and challenges  your imagination when you become hooked on growing these fascinating plants.
  • Zonals - common and most widely known bedding type
  •               Fancy Leaved
  •               Dwarf
  •               Miniature
  • Stellar - new group introduced in the 1970's, Australian origination
  • Ivy leaved - tend to be the trailing types and used in hanging baskets
  • Unique - pretty flowers, often used in summer planting schemes
  • Regal - large and showy group
  • Rosebud -  many tightly formed small flowers, not unlike a miniature rosebud

Scented Leaf Pelargonium - Scented Geraniums really are Living Natural Fragrance for Homes and Gardens

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